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Income Steps Academy

Up to $446.70 Commissions
& a Conversion Rate of 10%

Customers LOVE this training -
almost everyone has made money!!!

Hi JV Partner,

On February this year I launched my most successful training program.

Overall EPC was $20.21 (including clicks to the webinar registration page, replay page, order page, and sales page), and gross revenue was $135,737.

And even more important - the feedback for this course was phenomenal. Almost everyone who followed the instructions has made money. This is unheard of in IM!

I am now presenting my method and product on webinars with JV partners and conversions are consistently around 10% (sometimes higher!).

If you can get at least 200 people on a webinar, sign up here for huge commissions:

Why You Will Want to Promote

What is Income Steps Academy?

Most people try to make money online for years and have little to show for it.

There are lots of reasons for this, the main one being that there are 2 ways to make money online:

Method #1: Find a loophole that makes fast money. The problem is that by the time you get it to work, that loophole goes away.

Method #2: Follow a long-term strategy. The problem is that a long-term strategy takes weeks and sometimes months before you see your first $1. Most people give up before it stops working because they lose motivation and fear they are not on the right track.

Income Steps Academy was created to solve this problem once and for all. And it has done so successfully. My best student had been trying to make money online since 1995 with no success, and is now earning $5-$6K/month!

Customers get access to: Everything is provided to maximize the chances of success.

Funnel and Commission Structure

The front end price point is $497.

There is a $297 upsell

Your commissions will be 50%, which is an earnings per sale of up to $397.


As a bonus - anyone who promotes the webinar + replay + sales page will get 60% commissions on the front end (ask me for details and rules) which brings your potential income to $446.70 per sale.

Who is this offer for?

The offer sells best to people who feel lost in the IM world and are not making very much money.

If that describes your list (or part of it) and you can get at least 200 people on a webinar - you are a great fit!

Previous JV's Have Been:

Ben Shaffer
Adam Short
Aidan Booth
Mario Brown

Confirmed Upcoming JVs:

Anik Singal
Jay Boyer

The webinar

Here is a sample replay

Here is the sales page

How to Get More Info

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Thank you for your support.

Sara Young