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From The Desk of Sara Young

Subject: The One Thing You MUST Do Differently To Finally Succeed Online

If you are searching for a magical Get Rich Quick method then stop reading right now. Because what I am about to tell you is definitely NOT for you.

I'll bet that the road you have travelled is already littered with shiny objects. Ones which promised you instant success, but in the end left you with... nothing.

You know that it is possible to make money online because you have read stories about other people doing it. Yet it just doesn't seem to work for you.

What do these other people do differently?

Why are they successful, while you aren't?

Do they have a magic potion, or an enchanted lamp? How about a fairy godmother?

Of course not. In fact, those successful people are the same as you.

Except for one thing: They know something you don't.

They understand how to move from failure to success.

(I'll explain how in a minute.)

So if you ask yourself...

"Am I Doing Something Wrong?"

The HONEST answer that no one has the guts to tell you is: Yes.

But it is NOT your fault. Too many people make a living off of selling you shiny object after shiny object. They have misled you and have sent you down the wrong paths. Paths that lead to no one's success but theirs.

Face it: Internet marketing is a disaster!

I'm serious. It really is. And this is coming from someone who has a very successful 6-figure internet marketing business.

There are a lot of different skills you need to master, and too many (so-called) gurus' opinions.

And that basically KILLS your chance for success :(

And to make things worse: Every day, all day long, your email inbox is being pounded with tens of different emails all pitching tens of different products which all claim to be magic bullets.

But obviously they are not!

Stop acting insane.

Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

So when you keep buying those shiny objects - even though they keep failing you - you are acting insane.

So here is the first thing that you MUST do:

Before you continue reading, I want you to promise me that you will not buy:

TRUTH TIME: Making Money Online
Is About Building Something That Works.
Doing It Again. And Then Improving It.

When it comes to making money online, the ONLY SANE THING TO DO is to start with a method which you know you can rely on to work, repeating it, and then building up from there.

Improve one thing at a time. Stick to whatever gets you the best results. And you will slowly move along the path to financial freedom.

That is how you become successful at internet marketing.

I am sure that you have heard the old Chinese adage:

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Well actually, this is where most people go wrong.

Because in internet marketing this is not always the case: Though you need to go step-by-step, those steps must be guided in order for you to succeed.

Each step should be clearly thought-out and proven to work. That way you know exactly what you are doing, and you can not fail.

You must know EXACTLY how you are going to get from point A to point B.

Otherwise you might just run around in circles and end up right back where you started.

There are many great courses out there that try to teach you how to do this. Many of them I have bought myself.

But the problem is that you have to invest weeks, months, or even years before you can achieve the promised results. And many times you get no results at all.

Can you afford to spend months or years on one thing without seeing a return?

What if you don't have that kind of time? What if you end up with nothing?

Wouldn't you prefer to start earning money within days or even hours?

Here is what you need:

Having worked with thousands of students, I have seen time and again that you do not need technical savvy to succeed at internet marketing.

What you need is the right mindset.

Once you start earning money online and can see for yourself that it is possible, then you can ramp up your work and start earning life-changing amounts.

That is why I want to show you FOOL-PROOF methods that REALLY WORK. I know you can use them to start making money because they are already working for me and for hundreds of my students.

Let's look at an example:

Imagine that you quickly start making a small amount of money online. Let's say a constant $100 a month.

Would that in itself make you believe that being a successful entrepreneur is possible?

Would you believe me if I were to tell you that once you get the hang of making $100 a month, it really is not much harder to start making $1,000 a month?

Or perhaps you would prefer to repeat the same process and make (for example) $200 a month (2x$100).

How to Go From $0, To $10,
To $100, To $10,000+
And Never Look Back

With Income Steps Academy

Ideally, you should start with Level 1. That is my favorite stage, because most people can do this and end up with a life-changing income.

What do I mean by "life-changing"?

On level 1, we are taking $500 as being life changing.

Why is $500/month life changing?

In 2014, the average monthly payment in the US for a new car was $471. Would you like to afford a new car? Would it be life-changing if you could? Probably.

And that is what you will achieve in level 1.

Sounds amazing, right? That's what I mean by life-changing!

But listen to what happens after Level 1:

Do you remember when you went exploring as a child?

Do you remember what you would do when you came to a stream or a creek which was too wide to jump across, but too deep to wade through without getting soaked?

What did you do? You solved the problem step-by-step.

You found a large rock, and, standing on the the bank, you put it down in the creek, a footstep away.

Then you went back for another rock, and you stepped on the first rock and put the second one down a step away from there.

And you kept doing that until you had a path of rocks across the creek.

And that is what Income Steps Academy is all about.

You must have that first rock (or in our case, the first Level) in place in order to get to the second one. And the second one in place to get to the third. Then you keep going step-by-step, until you reach your goal.

Except with Income Steps Academy, the goal is not getting to the opposite bank. Rather, the goal is achieving the income level you deserve.

Do you remember when I said:

How to Go From $0, To $10,
To $100, To $10,000+
And Never Look Back

Keeping in mind our crossing-the-creek metaphor, I am going to hand you the first rock. Following my instructions, use that rock to start building your path, follow my instructions, and you WILL make money.

When you are ready, I will hand you the second rock, and you can place it in front of the first. You can use that second rock to move yourself even further along.

And so on. I will hand you four rocks. Each one will make more money for you than the last.

That's what my Income Steps Academy is all about.

I, Sara Young, will guide you through these four levels. I will be there by your side order to ensure your success.

Just Who Is Sara Young?

I was once a struggling newbie desperately trying to find a way to make money online.

Eventually I found different methods that worked for me, from CPA (Cost-Per-Action) with insurance leads to selling strollers as an affiliate on Amazon.

As I became increasingly successful, I began to teach others what I had learned.

I created some courses, and soon had hundreds of students who were using my methods to make money as well.

I now earn a six-figure income online, while being a dedicated mother of 7 amazing kids. (Yes, that's right. 7!)

Here are some of the amazing things people have said about me...

Your Training Paid For Itself
"I've spent heaps of money on IM courses, but your training has been the first and only that has paid for itself through my success online...

Trust is a big word. I trust you more than any other educator that I have come across on the internet. You've been there for me personally - time after time - just as you promised."

-- Ann Tyson
Sara Really Cares
"Sara really cares about her members. She goes out of her way to produce basic step by step training that will bring good results when followed through to the end. Sara and her right hand man, Eddy, are always available to help and this is very different to many other IM online trainers who take your money and are never heard from again. I recommend her Internet Marketing courses very highly."

-- Bev Shalders
You WILL See Results
"You constantly raise the bar when It comes to honestly and integrity and teaching simple methods anyone can follow to be successful online.

I've said it before, but, it bears repeating, "If you listen to Sara and Take Action you will see results", period!!!

Thanks for the example you set before us."

-- Ron Brantley
I Highly Recommend Sara
"Sara is the most genuine internet marketing tutor that I have come across in my seven years of doing affiliate marketing...

What I like most about Sara is that she really cares about her students. She actually answers your questions personally. For me, that was something special and an experience I had never had before. To anyone learning internet marketing, I highly recommend Sara as the best tutor you are likely to find."

-- Valerie Smith
Sara Is The Real Deal
"Before I became one of Sara's students I struggled through IM world trying to figure out what is working, what is not working, buying all the new shiny courses who were selling "overnight rich schemes". Sara changed all that.

She is the best teacher in IM world that I learned from. She is not one of those so called "Gurus" who would promise you thousands of dollars in 2 days. She literally takes you by your hand and walks every step of learning and doing with you and with her teaching everything seems to be so easy.

Thanks to her teaching I made my first web site and within 2 weeks I made my first sale on Amazon.

If you're willing to learn and earn in IM world - Sara is a real deal and buying her course and having her as a teacher is the one thing you would never regret!

Thank you, Sara!"

-- Josipa
Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Training
"In a jungle of confusion and mis-information which had left me feeling dejected and wasting my time, Sara Young stands out. Sara takes the mystery out of what needs to be done. Easy to follow step by step training means that there is no reason, apart from your own lack of action, between you and internet success. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sara's products to anyone looking to make an additional income on the internet."

- Gordon Bendall
Very Honest And Sincere
"Hi Sara! I've tried several IM systems before I was introduced to yours. While reading through your IM system web site page, you presented yourself as being VERY honest, sincere, having a true interest in assisting others no matter their walk of life. That rang true to me, and I was hooked.

I purchased your program, read through your steps, watched your videos and began making 2.0 web sites. About a month or so after implementing, I had my first success. I made a $49 commission from Amazon.

Then a short period after that, I made another $49, on the same site. I was soooo excited. After that I had some other successes with other sites.

I owe my success to you, how you teach, and the methods you taught. I can honestly say out of the 10 or so IM systems I've purchased in the past, yours is the only system I made money with. Thank you!"

-- Darryl B.
She Teaches In A Way That Anyone Can Understand
"I've been around IM for a while now and have courses and ebooks out the wazoo. I've been on so many lists, I've lost count. Many of the courses and ebooks rotted on my hard drive and I've unsubscribed from most of the lists.

But I've stuck with Sara. Because she teaches only what she's done herself, she teaches in a way that anyone can understand, and she genuinely cares about her students. Her products also stand the test of time...

Sara has been a part of giving me the knowledge and motivation to get to where I am today. And I have no doubt that she'll be a part of taking things to the next level.

Thanks, Sara!"

-- Barbara Mallow
This Really Really Works
"I just wanted to let you know that I just checked my Amazon account and found that I've made four sales, and my sites aren't even on page 1 yet!

This just confirms that your course really, really works and I'm so excited about it!

Thanks to you, I'm now on target for $1,000 sales per month - when I get there, you'll be the first to know!

Thanks again for all your help and for your ongoing support. You and your help desk team have been amazing.

Take care, thank you a million times more and thank you again.


-- Sherrie

PS - Did I say thank you?"

This Works!
"I checked my Amazon account and low and behold I had actually received commissions for a few sales! I was so THRILLED to see that! And then within the next few days I received a few more sales!!

Needless to say, that was HIGHLY motivating and just what I needed to see to prove to myself that this works! I have now moved beyond just "hope and faith" that this does work to actually having the proof now...

A BIG Thanks to Sara and Eddy for helping me get this far so far =) I'm looking forward to even more exciting results to come!!"

-- Lance Gross
Oregon, USA
The First Time I Made Money Online
"Sara was my first "mentor" online....I found her after trying to make sense of Internet Marketing and her original course was the first time I was able to complete something and make my first money online. That's when I knew it was possible to make money online for the first time after searching for guidance for so long and buying into all the hype from the so called "gurus" I encountered online.

Her way of teaching is very easy to follow and you do really feel as though she is your friend and really cares about your success. "

-- Janice Costello
"Because of Sara I have made money on the internet...

If you truly want to succeed online then I honestly believe that Sara Young is one of the few people online that will actually teach you how to do it. She is part of a rare breed on the internet today, an honest marketer."

-- Jeff
North Wales, UK
$100 in First 3 Weeks - Getting Out of Debt

Now you, too, can make money online by following the steps in my...

Income Steps Academy

Income Steps Academy is made up of four levels. Each one builds on (and brings more income) than the one before.

Income Steps Academy is a complete 10-week training program which will take you through 4 levels of income. The first level will show you exactly how to make your first dollars online, and the fourth level will show you how to get a full-time income.

Level 1: Money On Demand!

The best way to start making money immediately is by writing for other people's sites. That is what this level will teach you to do.

You will discover:

Goal: $500/month

$600 In My First Month
"I have been making over $150 a week... and I have made over $500. I'm sure I'll make over $600 this month alone because this is the fourth week."

-- Albert Rono

(Still going on a few months later:)

First Income Online - in 3 Hours!
"I just started with Sara Young's Income Steps Academy, and made my first income online generated by my own efforts. YAY!

What's more I accomplished this within 3 hours after I started.

Once I heard Sara talking about her methods... I knew I needed to join and learn from her.

Sara talks about small steps to earn income in less than 12-24 hours--easy to follow and seriously rewarding to see results quickly.

Baby steps and immediate gratification--a system that speaks to my heart...

I now know that I've finally found what I started looking for 4 years ago. Sara certainly has my vote as being the best trainer for Internet Marketing Success I know, and I've been through too many trainers and systems."

-- Anne Uemura
California, USA
Level 2: Earn Passive Income!

Level 2 is based on a unique formula I developed that has already changed hundreds of lives.

You can stop at this level and still make a nice passive income.

You will discover:

Goal: $500/month in passive income

OMG - This Actally Works!
"I made my first sale - a commission of $80. Oh my God - This actually works!

In June I made 4 more sales: $70, $200 , $30, and another $30.

Total in a 45 day period: $410

Sara - thank you for showing up in our inbox one day.

We are forever grateful."

-- Dovida

$216 In 2 Days
"I made $216.01 in 2 days from one page which isn't yet ranking on Google. I have never ever doubed your sincerity and this has proved me right."

-- Marthese

Level 3: Email Riches!

Turn your existing revenues into repeat profits with a mailing list.

At this level you will already be better off than most internet marketers because you will have an asset that generates money whenever you need it.

You will see:

Goal: $1,000/month

"Sara has helped me in a number of ways to help get my internet business going in the right direction. She really cares about her customers and puts everything in a way you can understand. She was the one who motivated me to not give up and keep plugging away and because of her, I am now making money on the net. She is absolutely the real deal when it comes to helping people with internet marketing."

-- Sam Lyons
Level 4: Traffic Growth

Level 4 is all about getting massive amounts of traffic and multiplying your income from levels 2 and 3.

You will discover:

Goal: $3,000/month

I've Reached $5,000/Month
"ISA gave me a very specific direction in which to go and also gave me a very implementable action plan...

The fact that I could see an instant income in my PayPal account was pretty astonishing. It immediately gave me a boost in my self confidence.

Once the self-confidence began to come up I found that I was able to handle other areas of my live much better. I could focus better. Because I had proven to myself that I can personally do it.

It proved a few disbelievers wrong. I could turn around and say "see, I told you so" and once they saw starting to appear then the whole scenario changed...

I'm getting to a stage now where I can basically forecast what my income is going to be, and that is a very nice thing to be able to do...

I've reached $5,000/month, so the next target I've got is $10,000/month, and then we're going to take a giant leap from $10,000 to hopefully $20,000/month."

-- Anthony West
Brisbane, Australia
BONUS: Ninja Profits

When the 10 weeks are up I will share with you my 6-figure secrets. We will have a live webinar where I open up your eyes to what it take to build your own 6-figure business.

Goal: Six Figures!

"I love the simple concept you have used around the levels: learning & mastering skills and making money at each level first before progressing through to the next. It really removes that sense of overwhelm that leads people to quit.

You get a sense of fulfillment in earning an income with level 1 and increasing it over time with the other levels.

Thank you Sara!"

-- Michelle Houareau

I will be honest with you: Creating a six-figure business from scratch is hard.

But moving from one level to the next is not only possible, it is 100% realistic.

At each stage, you will learn marketing tactics taught in an experiential manner: The best way to learn is by doing (and earning!).

And once you "get" it, it's like riding a bike. You will never forget it.

Each level has little stepping stones of its own. I do not leave out a single detail.

And I teach you in a way which will make it clear why we are doing things the way we are doing them. It will make perfect sense.

What do you get with Income Steps Academy?

Component 1:
Component 2:
Component 3:
Component 4:
Component 5:
The Community and Support Will Be Available
For As Long As You Need It.
Component 6:
There are ONLY 2 choices:

The first is to carry on as before. Carry on struggling to make money online, never really being sure if you will EVER get over the hump and move from failure to success.

The second choice is to tell yourself that from this day onwards, your life will change. You realize that it is not going to happen overnight. But you also know that it will happen. You will not just think it, but KNOW it.

Which choice to you prefer?

Don't Worry. We've Got Your Back.

I, Sara Young, (who has been marketing successfully online for more than a decade) will be right behind you!

I will be your guide, and I will show you the exact steps that I have taken to achieve success.

And just to be clear: These are tried and tested methods. Not hacks that will stop working in days or weeks.

In short, if you invest today in Income Steps Academy and follow the instructions then you WILL be successful.

I can guarantee that, which is why I am going to put my money where my mouth is:

30 Day Guarantee

Try Income Steps Academy today and you are protected by my 30-day, 100% no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee!

Quite simply, I'm not going to be satisfied unless you are more than satisfied with Income Steps Academy so here's the no small print guarantee I want to give you today.

Claim your copy of Income Steps Academy now and put it all to the test.

If you are not happy for any reason then all that you have to do is to let me know at http://marketingwithsara.com/help and I'll immediately issue you a prompt and full refund of every penny!

How can I make such a confident offer?

In short, because I know you will love it!

I have no hesitation in offering this guarantee because it will deliver to you exactly what you need to earn a solid income online, quickly and easily.

Try out Income Steps Academy 100% Risk Free!

Only keep it if you love it. If not, just let us know for a full refund. It's that simple.

The only question that should be going through your mind right now is "How Much?"

It is very difficult to put a value on changing someone's life.

How much would it be worth to you to be able to live without financial stress?

How much would you pay to drastically improve your quality of life?

When I created this product, I thought I would charge $2,000. I genuinely feel that it is a better product than many $2,000 products currently on the market. And more importantly, it is going to get you great results fast.

But then I realized that at $2,000, I would be missing out on exactly the people I wanted to help the most: Those who are unable to invest $2,000, but are still very serious about making money online.

I therefore decided to give you a chance to join... for an investment of only $997. I honestly feel that this is a bargain.

I have been taught that I must always deliver far more than the customer expects, and that is what I am doing here.

So this is your chance -- grab this opportunity to learn how to make serious money for a price that is just pennies on the dollar.

Click on the "Add to Cart" button below. Get started on your path to success today!


PS. Income Steps Academy is not about the latest fad or trick that has already been overused by thousands of others. It is about earning a real income online and making for yourself a better life.

PPS: With Income Steps Academy you get the exact steps and methods that have worked for myself and my students on a silver platter.

PPPS: You have landed on this page for a reason. Successful people take action and make decisions to better their business - and their lives. $997 is a wise investment when you can make it back (and more) every single month.

Join the Income Steps Academy community now - you will be glad you did.


"When Sara puts out a new product I buy it without hesitation.

She is an amazing teacher who takes you by the hand and shows you all you need to do to succeed. Should you need additional help she doesn't leave you hanging and answers any questions you may have promptly and fully.

It's plainly obvious she really cares about her customers and takes great pleasure in their success.

You can't go wrong by putting your trust in Sara!"

-- Mary Elliot

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